Advanced dental technology helps patients receive superior care that beats the methods of the past. Innovations have made processes easier, faster and more effective. Many aspects people fear about the dentist’s office actually feature methods of the past, while modern methods have improved everything from dentures to root canals.

At Linworth Family Dental, we are committed to providing community members with high-quality dentistry at affordable prices. Our office technology supports us in achieving these goals, as it allows us to provide better service more efficiently.

Our Office Technology

Here are some of the technologies you can expect during visits with us:

Digital X-rays

Our team takes digital X-rays to provide us with clear images of your teeth and gums. This advanced X-ray process uses less radiation than traditional X-rays, while giving us better imaging. It even allows us to zoom in for a clearer view of potential problem spots.

Digital Impressions

Our team quickly and easily takes digital impressions of your mouth for various restorative and preventive dentistry services. This modern technology replaces the old-fashioned method that involved a sticky putty inside uncomfortable trays. Digital impressions are also more accurate to create better customization and fit for restorations and guards.

Intraoral Camera

During appointments, Dr. Whittaker, Dr. Glasgow and Dr. Soungpradith may use an intraoral camera to instantly gain high-quality close-ups inside your mouth and show you the digital images on a screen. This innovative tool is a tiny camera the dentist can hold and move around your mouth during an appointment.

3D Cone Beam Scanner

Our office provides cone beam computed tomography, shortened to CBCT Scans. We use a cone beam scanner to create 3D imaging of your jawbone, as well as nerves and tissue. This technology allows our dentists to view your head from all angles in detail to show information like your jawbone structure and the extent of tooth decay. It is particularly helpful to see if you are a candidate for dental implants. Our team performs these scans quickly, and you can expect a comfortable, relaxed process with this technology.

Which Technologies Will You Use For My Appointment?

Our office uses the most up-to-date technologies in dentistry. You can expect us to use innovative tools and equipment for routine visits and procedures, and to use advanced technology to sterilize the tools and equipment for each appointment.

Generally, we use digital X-rays for one of your exams per year. Our team may take digital X-rays at additional times if you have a dental problem or need a certain procedure. We may use the cone beam scanner and intraoral camera as needed to gain a better look inside your mouth. Digital impressions are used for the creation of various dental appliances, such as crowns, nightguards, athletic mouthguards, bridges and dentures.

Our team may use additional technology to fit the needs of specific dental services. Feel free to ask us about the technology we plan to use for your appointments.

What Are the Benefits of Modern Dental Technology?

The technology we use allows our team to provide better care to the patients who visit our office. Many of the tools provide improved diagnostic capabilities, allowing us to better diagnose and treat our patients. Other tools make procedures faster, more comfortable and more effective. That translates into a better experience and improved dental care for our community.

Experience Our Advanced Technology

You benefit from our office technology during every visit you have with us, from routine exams to root canals, implants and dentures. See for yourself how our technology can improve your visits compared to dentistry of the past.

Call our office at 614-799-9500 to make your next appointment for an exam and cleaning, or ask about a consultation for a specific service.