Sleep Apnea Treatment

Man snoring

While sleep apnea is a sleep disorder, a dentist is able to help with the management of this problem. Including a dentist in your treatment team helps you address the issue in the best way possible for your case. 

We offer our patients customized sleep apnea appliances at Linworth Family Dental. Our office uses the latest dental technology to provide high-quality treatments and care at reasonable prices.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

You may suspect you have sleep apnea if you experience certain symptoms like having trouble staying asleep and feeling very drowsy during the daytime. You may snore while you sleep and then wake up with a dry throat, sore throat or headache.

These symptoms come about because you have episodes where you temporarily stop breathing during sleep. With sleep apnea, the tongue can roll into the throat or you can experience tissues collapsed in your airway. 

Some cases of sleep apnea are more severe than others. Also, there are different types of this sleep disorder, so the mechanisms and symptoms can vary somewhat. 

How Is Sleep Apnea Treated?

When it’s not treated, sleep apnea can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and other serious health conditions. It’s important to seek out medical help to manage the problem. 

If you notice signs of this sleep disorder, visit a sleep physician. This is the type of medical professional who can provide a proper diagnosis. If one of our dentists notices signs, we may refer you to a sleep specialist.

Our office can be involved in your treatment team made up of a sleep doctor, dentist and possibly a general doctor and other specialists. Treatment varies by the severity of your case. Mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea cases may benefit from treatment by a dentist.

We offer a dental device that goes over your teeth and helps keep your airway open. These oral appliances are designed to keep the tongue from filling the airway or to hold the jaw to prevent blockages. You wear the appliance while you sleep to prevent problems with breathing.

Your treatment plan may involve additional solutions through your physician. First, lifestyle changes may help, such as losing weight, treating allergies or quitting tobacco. Your doctor may recommend a CPAP machine for moderate to severe cases. These continuous positive airway pressure machines send air into your mouth through a mask to keep your airways open as you sleep. 

People with sleep apnea may also benefit from BPAP devices, ASV devices, supplemental oxygen, treatment for related health conditions or surgery. Your doctor recommends treatment based on your health situation, the type of sleep apnea and the severity. You may try certain treatments and switch to others as needed in an effort to find the best solution. 

Some people find oral appliances from the dentist more comfortable and convenient to wear compared to CPAP machines. However, more severe cases may require the CPAP machine or another solution like surgery for maximum effectiveness.

Have a Consultation

After you have received a sleep apnea diagnosis from a sleep doctor, you may decide to try an oral appliance as a comfortable way to breathe better during sleep. We offer customized ones for the best fit and comfort. During a consultation appointment, one of our dentists performs and exam and may recommend one of these devices. 

To make your consultation appointment, contact our office by calling 614-799-9500.