Oral Surgery


In some cases, oral surgery is needed to solve a dental problem and restore your oral health. Oral surgery includes surgery of the mouth and jaw area. While we aim to solve a dental problem through more conservative solutions first, surgery can provide a good way to treat a problem in more complex cases.

At Linworth Family Dental, we perform oral surgery right here in the same office where we serve the rest of you and your family’s dental needs. You can rely on our team of dentists for extractions and implants.


If a tooth cannot be removed through a simple extraction that gently pulls out the tooth, we can turn to a surgical extraction. This option offers a solution for teeth that are difficult to pull out, which can be the case when a tooth lacks enough structural integrity. For example, a tooth may be severely decayed or damaged.

It’s likely for our dentists to turn to the surgical extraction process for removing wisdom teeth, which is one of the services our office provides. Wisdom teeth may be impacted so that they lack room to grow, fail to erupt from the gum surface or grow in the wrong direction. In cases like these, surgical extraction helps us remove the wisdom tooth from beneath the gum line before it has erupted or when it has only slightly protruded.

It is possible for other teeth aside from the wisdom teeth to cause similar problems, such as overcrowding the mouth or failing to erupt. We may use surgical extraction for these cases as well, if needed.


The dental implant process starts with surgery. While this option requires a greater investment in time, money and recovery than traditional bridges or removable dentures, it provides a permanent tooth replacement solution. Deciding whether to go with surgery is part of the process when comparing implants to other tooth replacement options.

The surgical component of the implant process inserts titanium screws into the gums, where they fuse with the jawbone in time. These screws act as replacement tooth roots.

After one of our dentists surgically inserts the implant(s), you go through a recovery time to allow the area to heal. You wear a temporary crown or other piece during this time. Once recovery is complete and the process is successful, we attach the permanent tooth replacement to the implant, whether this is a crown, bridge or denture. The process gives you permanent, sturdy and visually appealing false teeth. 

Surgical Processes at Our Office

One of the benefits of our dental office is that we offer such a broad range of services in the same place. Our team is able to take care of the different solutions we discuss with you for a given dental problem rather than needing to refer you somewhere else. This means that our dentists provide simple and surgical extractions, as well as various tooth replacement options, under one roof. 

Once you and your designated dentist have decided upon a surgical intervention, our team discusses the process with you. You learn more about how to prepare, anesthesia and recovery. 

Start With a Consultation

To determine whether surgery is a good option for you or your child’s dental situation, a member of our team of dentists performs an exam. They provide a diagnosis and discuss any relevant options with you, helping you decide whether surgery is the best one for your needs and goals. 

Set up your consultation visit so we can determine your options. To schedule your appointment, call our office at 614-799-9500.