During sleep, some people grind their teeth without realizing it. This is known as bruxism, and it can lead to a variety of dental and other symptoms. Dentists offer one of the best ways of managing this problem, through the use of custom-fitted nightguards that minimize the clenching and protect the teeth.

At Linworth Family Dental, we offer our community members nightguards that are personalized to the shape and size of their mouths for optimal comfort and effectiveness. These guards can help you sleep and protect your mouth as you dream.

What Is Bruxism?

You may colloquially refer to your problem as grinding your teeth, but the medical community officially calls it bruxism. In addition to tooth grinding, this condition often involves jaw clenching. The clenching and grinding can lead to symptoms of bruxism like worn teeth, cracked or damaged teeth, broken teeth, jaw pain and a dull headache. You may also develop problems with your tooth alignment and bite. 

Noticing these symptoms gives you an indication you may be experiencing night grinding. If you sleep with someone else in the room, they may be able to tell you whether they have noticed you grinding and clenching during the night. Also, one of our dentists can note these symptoms during an exam. Communicating your full list of symptoms and experiences can help them make the correct diagnosis to bring you relief.

How Does a Dentist Help Bruxism?

A dentist is the best professional to diagnose bruxism because of their dental experience, since most of the symptoms occur in the mouth. Also, some dental offices like ours offer nightguards, which are dental appliances that help to protect the teeth during sleep.

You can try other methods of managing this problem as well, such as calming tension, but in general, the goal of treatment is focused on managing symptoms. This tends to be most effective since you do not have control over your actions during sleep.

Wearing a mouth guard protects the teeth from gnashing against each other when you clench your jaw. It provides a softer surface that cushions the tension. Overall, the guard reduces pressure, grinding and the symptoms of bruxism while helping you sleep better.

Should I Go to the Dentist for a Nightguard?

You have the option of purchasing over-the-counter dental guards to protect your teeth at night. These can give some measure of protection, but they come with downsides. Generally, you find one size fits all varieties that do not give the proper fit or comfort. Even boil and bite varieties do not offer the same custom fit and comfort you receive from a personalized nightguard we can provide at our office.

Our team uses a digital scanner to record the exact specifications of your teeth, gums and mouth, which is used to inform the creation of a nightguard made just for you. Because these guards are so well-fitted, they are the most comfortable and effective option to wear while you sleep. Since comfort is important for falling asleep and having a good night’s rest, a custom-fitted nightguard makes a lot of sense.

Come In for a Consultation

During an exam, one of our dentists can check for signs of bruxism. Be sure to share your symptoms and concerns during your discussion. If you show signs of this condition, we can talk to you about a custom nightguard to help you find relief.

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