Botox is well known for its use in targeting signs of aging, yet it also has therapeutic applications, such as treating migraine headaches. Botox is becoming increasingly popular in modern dental settings for various purposes related to oral health and the look of the mouth area.

Our team of dentists at Linworth Family Dental is happy to bring our patients the best and most innovative treatment options. Adding Botox to our services supports this goal, as it gives us more ways to improve our patients’ lives.

What Is Botox?

Botox is a brand name for Botulinum toxin. It stops messages going from nerves to muscles, so the muscles don’t contract as they normally do. Professionals inject this substance into specific areas to prevent facial muscles from contracting, which relaxes the wrinkles that are caused by the movement. Doctors may also inject Botox strategically to help manage migraine headaches or for other therapeutic purposes, including dental applications.

The Botulinum toxin has been used and studied for an extended period of time. It is safe for use and approved by the FDA. It’s important to have a trained professional inject Botox to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. A dentist with Botox training is a reliable professional for this purpose, especially regarding the mouth area, which is a dentist’s expertise.

How Does Your Office Use Botox?

As dentists, we can use Botox in a variety of ways. Overall, our team of dentists uses it to target signs of aging, enhance the mouth area, provide a solution to certain dental concerns and support specific dental services.

Botox is helpful for relaxing wrinkles around the face. We can use it for lip lines, a puckered chin and wrinkles that our patients want to smooth and that may impact the overall appearance of the smile. Also, for patients who desire it, Botox injections give a solution to a gummy smile that shows a lot of gums when the person smiles.

Further, calming certain facial muscles with Botox can help with the pain and symptoms of tooth grinding and TMJ disorders. If desired, patients may want these injections as they adjust to the feeling of new dentures.

What Are Botox Sessions Like?

It is easy to get Botox injections during a quick session. There is no anesthesia needed, and the session only comes with minimal discomfort that is over quickly and requires no recovery time.

You usually see the results of the injections after a few days or up to two weeks. The results are temporary, lasting for up to five months. Coming for Botox treatments every few months continues the desired effects.

Ask About Botox

Inquire with our team members about Botox if you are interested in the aesthetic benefits or think it might help with your dental situation. Make sure to talk to us about your full health picture, as it is not right for some people. Also, one of our dentists can discuss Botox further with you and answer your questions.

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