No one wants to experience the pain, sensitivity and other symptoms that can come with the presence of tooth decay. Fortunately, preventive dentistry and a good oral hygiene routine at home can help you do everything you can to minimize the risk of tooth decay and other dental problems. Getting fluoride treatments is one of the simple steps you can take to promote good oral health.

Our office provides professional fluoride treatments to our patients at Linworth Family Dental. We can add this quick and easy service to your regular dental exam and cleaning appointments.

How Does Fluoride Help?

You probably know that fluoride is added to tap water and various oral hygiene products like toothpaste due to its benefits for the teeth. Fluoride is a mineral that helps oral health by adding strength to your tooth enamel. It also fights against bacteria in the mouth that contributes to tooth decay.

Including enough fluoride in an oral care routine helps prevent cavities and other problems from developing. Without treatment, small problems can turn into big ones that may bring pain and lead to extensive dental work. Using fluoride helps minimize problems and promotes oral health. This is one of the affordable treatments our office provides to our patients.

Isn’t Fluoride Toothpaste Enough?

If you are using a fluoride toothpaste and getting fluoride in other ways, that is a great step toward your oral health. We may recommend fluoride treatments to patients who are not getting enough fluoride, such as those who drink bottled water or who use non-fluoride dental products. Also, you may want extra fluoride, as our dentist’s office provides a more concentrated form than over-the-counter varieties.

Fluoride can especially be beneficial for those who are at high risk of cavities, including children. As children have room for improvement with their oral hygiene practices and tend to consume a lot of sugar, fluoride provides extra protection for them. That said, adults benefit from the extra protection fluoride provides as well.

How Does a Fluoride Service Work?

It’s great to add fluoride treatments to an exam and cleaning visit, as our team needs to professionally clean your teeth anyway before providing this treatment. Getting these services together makes the process quicker and more convenient.

After your professional cleaning that removes any buildup on the teeth and bacteria from the mouth, one of our dentists applies a high-quality fluoride treatment to your teeth through a quick session. You have extra protection in no time, and can resume eating and drinking after just thirty minutes.

Depending on your situation, Dr. Whittaker, Dr. Glasgow or Dr. Soungpradith may recommend that you return for fluoride treatments every three, six or 12 months. This follows the recommendations of the American Dental Association (ADA). Regular fluoride treatments provide you with extra protection, especially if you have high cavity risk. 

Ask About Fluoride Treatments

Ask our team about the option of fluoride treatments, whether it’s during your next exam or you want to call to set up a consultation. You and your family’s oral health can benefit from this simple, painless treatment for a long time. It’s easy to set up appointments for your children and yourself at the same time through our family-friendly office.

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