A dental bridge is a prosthesis that fills in a gap missing a tooth or a few teeth in a row. This is one option for restoring your full smile and optimal ability to talk and chew. These tooth replacement options are simple to install and help you have a natural-looking smile again.

At Linworth Family Dental, we offer bridges among our various restorative dentistry services. Our team of dentists can help you figure out whether this is the right tooth replacement option for your dental situation.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A traditional bridge is a prosthesis that usually fills in a space with one to three missing teeth. The name is fitting because it bridges the gap, as it includes dental crowns on each end to go over your surrounding teeth, with tooth replacements connected in the middle.

The false teeth in the middle are known as pontic teeth, while the supporting natural teeth that are covered by crowns are called abutment teeth. A bridge appliance is crafted of porcelain or ceramic to resemble natural teeth with its color and shine.

Bridges are helpful solutions for a small number of teeth. If you have more than three in a row missing, a partial denture is usually the better option. For one missing tooth, you may instead consider a single tooth implant with a crown. Our dentists can discuss the options related to your dental situation to help you decide on a tooth replacement. Since we provide a variety of options in-house, we can handle the type you choose right here.

Why Should I Fill a Missing Tooth Gap?

When you leave the space after an extraction or fallen-out tooth, you leave room for the rest of your teeth to move, change their position and enter the open space. This movement can impact your proper mouth function and bite. 

Shifting teeth can even lead to a host of problems like jaw pain, headaches and a TMJ disorder at the joint of your jaws. Filling the space between teeth with a bridge prevents the movement of your natural teeth and associated problems, helping give you optimal oral health.

Also, adding a bridge can complete the full set of teeth to create a restored smile. The bridge blends right in, so no one can tell the difference between the real teeth and tooth replacements. Many patients find they like the new appearance and enjoy smiling again after a bridge procedure.

Are Bridges Durable?

Dental bridges provide a strong and long-lasting way to fill a space between teeth. They last for a range of five to 15 years, with good at-home hygiene and regular visits to the dentist’s office helping them last as long as possible. You can help this appliance last longer by minimizing or avoiding hard foods. Treat it like your natural teeth by brushing and flossing it each day.

Nonetheless, like natural teeth, a bridge can become worn or damaged. If one of our dentists notices signs of problems during an exam or you observe a concern, our office can provide a restoration to fix or replace the bridge. 

Discuss Tooth Replacement Options

During a consultation visit, our team uses technology and an exam to get a comprehensive look at your dental situation. One of our dentists shares their observations with you and helps you understand your different options. A bridge may be the best choice for a small gap.

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