Pediatric Dentistry

baby girl smiling

Starting your child with good oral habits early is a gift that will benefit them for a lifetime. Pediatric dentistry includes teaching children how to take care of their teeth in a fun, age-appropriate way. Also, it includes dental care and treatments that adapt to a child’s ever-changing mouth and needs.

We have a family-friendly office at Linworth Family Dental, and we love to watch our patients’ families grow. Our fun and friendly team members strive to make dental visits easy, relaxing and even enjoyable for everyone, especially the little ones in your family.

When Should I Start Bringing My Child to the Dentist?

Generally, it makes sense to bring your child for their first appointment about six months after you see their first tooth come in, which tends to be around when they turn one. Nonetheless, feel free to make an appointment sooner if you have any concerns, such as problems with the first teeth coming in, thumb sucking, sleeping with a bottle or teeth staining. Call our helpful team if you have questions about your child.

How Does the First Visit Go?

The first visit is a simple one that allows us to get to know your child and gain an idea of their oral health through an exam. Since your child will likely be very young during this first visit, goals include getting them used to the environment, helping them become familiar with our team’s faces and talking to you as the parent about an oral hygiene routine to perform and about any concerns. One of our dentists performs a gentle exam, which shows us if there is anything we need to keep an eye on.

What Are Later Pediatric Visits Like?

Pediatric dentistry varies with the changing needs of children. The mouths of children are not fully formed and continue to change from babyhood through the teen years. Our dentists accommodate these unique dental needs and meet each child where they are.

During regular visits, our team cleans and performs exams just as they would with adults. Yet, our dentists also look at unique aspects of the mouth, such as how the baby teeth and permanent teeth are coming in and whether thumb sucking is affecting the teeth. 

We may recommend early treatments that could prevent later problems, such as fluoride to help protect children from their extra risk of cavities and early orthodontic treatment to fix alignment and bite issues.

Children’s visits also have a heavy focus on education and making children feel comfortable. Our team wants to make the dentist’s office a more warm and fun place for everyone, and we especially make this our mission when we’re helping children get over a case of nerves. Also, our team members guide and teach children how to take care of their oral health bit by bit according to their age.

Make Your Family Appointments With Us

Our office welcomes children of all ages in addition to their parents and grandparents. Feel free to make appointments for the whole family to take care of all of your dental needs together, which can make life more convenient and help children feel more at ease in a medical environment.

To make your family’s appointments, call our office at 614-799-9500.