Preventive Dentistry


Going to the dentist often comes with negative connotations, but in reality, it’s the dental problems like cavities or gum disease that cause pain and discomfort. Visiting the dentist regularly can help you prevent various forms of dental damage or disease>

At Linworth Family Dental, our dentists prefer preventive dentistry that encourages good oral health and keeps problems manageable with minor interventions. This early and ongoing care keeps you from needing the extensive dental work people prefer to avoid.

What Is Preventive Dentistry?

The goal of this form of dentistry is to reduce the risk of tooth and gum decay, disease and damage. We aim to promote good oral health and protect your mouth from problems. Toward these goals, our office provides these preventive services:

Overall, preventive care services tend to be uncomplicated and affordable. They help you skip the symptoms and extensive treatments that come about from not following proper oral hygiene or not treating a problem before it worsens. 

Dental problems like cavities and gum disease do not go away on their own. In the early stages, they can be treated quickly and easily with preventive services, but as they progress, more complex and costly restorative treatments are needed.

Why Are Exam and Cleaning Appointments Important?

Your twice-annual exam and cleaning appointments are the staple of preventive dental care. During the professional cleaning, one of our hygienists uses tools and techniques that more thoroughly remove buildup than you can at home. This brings you back to a clean slate, from which your daily brushing and flossing is very effective.

Then, regular exams catch any problems in their earliest stages. During the exam, one of our dentists checks your teeth, gums and other parts of the mouth for dental decay, disease or damage. They even check for signs of oral cancer. 

Our team may use digital X-rays and other technology to get the best views possible. Coming in for exams every six months gives us a chance to catch problems early and provide the most minimal, cost-effective treatments possible.

How Can I Better Protect My Teeth?

Our office gives the option of a fluoride treatment, which gives a quick, simple and affordable way to effectively protect teeth and prevent issues. Fluoride helps to strengthen tooth enamel and protect against decay. Adding this professional service to your at-home fluoride routine gives an added boost of protection. 

Take Charge of Your Oral Health

You may find that you come to like visiting for regular exams and cleanings, because these sessions give you a thoroughly clean mouth and help you stay on track with your at-home hygiene routine. Also, coming in regularly helps you feel good that you’re doing everything you can for your oral health and overall health.

Rather than worrying or dreading possibilities, you’ll have an update on your dental health with each visit. Plus, the more you come in, the less likely you’ll need continuous extensive dental work because you’ll be doing your part to prevent problems.

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