Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns offer a great way to fix a damaged tooth. They give dentists a solution for small problems, as well as major damage. Modern porcelain or ceramic crowns match the look of real teeth, so they help restore and improve the appearance of your smile in addition to the function of your mouth.

We offer crowns among our cosmetic dentistry options at Linworth Family Dental. They give our team of dentists a great way to satisfy a patient’s smile goals and fix their dental problems.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A crown is a dental restoration that covers a natural tooth. It is shaped and sized to the specifications of your real tooth. This type of prosthesis is used to support teeth that are damaged. It can cover the look of an undesirable tooth and add strength and structure to a weakened tooth.

We may recommend a crown as an option if your tooth has been injured, experienced a serious break or has cracks and chips. The crown can keep the damaged tooth from progressing, preventing the need for further dental work. Dental crowns help us save the natural tooth instead of extracting it. We add protection to it so it can handle the pressure of its chewing functions.

Our dentists may also add a crown after performing another dental procedure, such as a significant filling or a root canal. After filling the tooth, the crown can add further support to the restored tooth. Also, crowns are used on each side of a traditional bridge to attach the replacement tooth to the surrounding ones on each side. We also attach a crown to the top of a single tooth implant.

What Is the Crown Process?

First, one of our dentists meets with you to evaluate your dental situation and discuss whether a crown is the best option. Our team is happy to help you compare it to other cosmetic choices, such as bonding or veneers.

To add a crown, we need to prepare the natural tooth and the crown prosthesis. Our team uses advanced dental technology to create accurate images of the specifications of your tooth. These are used to design a custom-fitted crown prosthesis.

Using a porcelain or ceramic crown makes this procedure fall under cosmetic dentistry. While our goal is to restore strength and integrity of the tooth and oral health, we do this with the final smile appearance in mind as a priority. These tooth colored materials help the prosthesis resemble the natural teeth in your mouth.

For this piece to fit properly, one of our dentists removes part of the natural tooth to create space. Depending on the problems present in the tooth, our dentists may need to remove decay, broken pieces or other parts of the tooth anyway. The process may also involve cleaning out the tooth and filling it before adding the crown. We talk to you about the specific process regarding your dental situation during a consultation.

Come In for an Exam

If you have tooth damage, start with a dental exam. During this process, a member of our dentist team can determine the type and extent of the damage, using cutting-edge technology to get a deeper viewpoint. The exam informs the best way to fix the tooth, which may include a dental crown.

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