Implant Restoration


While an implant provides a permanent tooth root replacement that gives stability to the prosthesis attached to it, the prosthesis itself can encounter damage, wear and tear similar to a real tooth. If this happens to your crown, bridge or denture in time, implant restoration can give your tooth replacement a new life or replace it to start fresh.

We provide implant restoration among our restorative dentistry services at Linworth Family Dental. Our team of dentists is able to adapt to your needs, adjusting treatment to fit the type of prosthesis you have and the particular problem it has.

Does an Implant Restoration Require Surgery?

In most cases, there is no surgery needed for an implant restoration procedure. In rare instances, the titanium screw implant process may be unsuccessful and fail to fuse with the jawbone. This problem requires surgery to fix. However, implants have a high success rate.

More often than not, implant restoration requires no surgery. Instead, it is a simple, quick and painless process that only involves fixing or replacing the prosthesis attached to the titanium screw implant. The implant stays in place and is left alone.

Why Is Implant Restoration Needed?

Prosthesis like crowns, bridges and dentures are similar to natural teeth in that they can wear down with use over time. They are also vulnerable to cracks, chips and injury. Further, the prosthesis may loosen from the implant and abutment piece holding the two together. In some cases, the tooth replacement falls out or the abutment is damaged.

If you notice any of these problems, or symptoms like pain around the implant, make an appointment to see one of our dentists. We can provide a dental service right away to restore your smile and tooth function. If left untreated, problems with the tooth replacement can throw off your mouth function and bite, so it’s best to have it fixed as soon as possible.

It’s also helpful to come in twice a year for your routine exams and cleanings. During these visits, our dentists check on the restoration and notice any problem as soon as possible to provide timely treatment. Also, our team professionally cleans the prosthesis to ensure it stays in its best condition. 

How Does Implant Restoration Work?

This type of treatment varies by the type of prosthesis you have and the problem you’re facing. Since we have a team of dentists offering a variety of treatments under one roof, our office can handle any problem your tooth replacement or implant may have without the need to refer you elsewhere.

After a thorough examination to gain an understanding of the damage, our dentists see if one of our services can repair the tooth replacement. For example, we can usually repair a small crack in the tooth. If the crown, bridge or denture is damaged beyond repair, we offer a replacement to make your teeth as good as new again.

Come In for a Consultation

A consultation visit allows a member of our team of dentists to evaluate your dental implant and see the best way to restore it. They discuss options and recommendations with you during this consultation, helping you gain full oral health and a restored smile.

To make your appointment, call our office right away at 614-799-9500.