Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Patients who feel uncomfortable about dental visits can ask about sedation dentistry. This option helps you feel calm and comfortable during a variety of dental services, easing any anxiety or discomfort you may have during the appointment.

We offer the option of sedation dentistry to our patients at Linworth Family Dental. This is one of the ways we help our community have a more pleasant experience at the dentist’s office. When we can help you feel more comfortable, we ensure that you benefit from all of the dental care you need for optimal oral health.

What Is IV Sedation Dentistry?

We offer our patients IV sedation dentistry. This means that our team administers sedatives intravenously through your circulatory system. Our office uses moderate sedation that is safe, reduces pain, keeps you conscious and prevents you from remembering the procedure.

You can feel at ease about using this type of sedation during your appointment. Your dentist checks your blood pressure before beginning, again during the appointment and later when the procedure is complete. We also continuously check your pulse and oxygen levels the entire time, ensuring you are doing okay and are avoiding a negative reaction.

Why Is IV Sedation Beneficial?

This form of sedation dentistry offers some benefits compared to other sedation methods, such as inhaled minimal sedation (laughing gas), oral sedation or general anesthesia. 

When a sedative is administered intravenously, you feel the effects faster as it moves through the bloodstream. We are able to control more accurate dosing with this type compared to oral sedation. Further, IV sedation allows us to perform multiple procedures during the same appointment when needed, which cuts down on visits, anxiety and costs.

Also, IV sedation comes with fewer side effects and reduces pain without impacting your body processes. You can move and understand us while under the sedative, yet you do not remember the procedure, which helps to remove a lot of the anxiety people feel in medical environments.

Recovery from IV sedation is fast and comes with less discomfort afterward. Nonetheless, we still recommend that you have someone bring you to and from your appointment, as you may feel groggy after the procedure is complete and the effects of the sedation are wearing off.

Some downsides of other methods are that general anesthesia has more potential for side effects and oral sedation includes an awareness of the sensations and actions of the procedure. Overall, IV sedation is a beneficial form of sedation dentistry that creates a better dental experience. 

Ask About Sedation Dentistry

If you feel nervous about dental procedures or are avoiding dental visits, talk to us about our IV sedation dentistry. It can help you feel calmer and less stressed about going to the dentist, regardless of the type of dental work you need. 

Sedation can ease your mind during simple procedures and help control pain and awareness during more complex procedures. It makes the entire process of going to the dentist an easier and more enjoyable one.

For your upcoming appointments, inquire about adding sedation dentistry. Call our office at 614-799-9500 to make your next exam appointment or receive a consultation for services.