Dental assistant Haley was born and raised in Columbus, so she has a strong connection to her community and its residents. Haley’s decision to pursue a career in dentistry was influenced by a personal experience involving her grandfather’s distressing dental encounter. Driven by a desire to understand the stark difference between her own positive experiences and his, she aspires to be the voice for patients who feel unheard and misunderstood. Haley’s commitment to her future career is evident as she plans to enter Dental School in the fall. She envisions returning to work for LFD, a testament to her dedication to providing top-quality dental care. Her motivation lies in the belief that making a difference in a patient’s life, no matter how small, can be immensely rewarding. Outside of her professional pursuits, Haley cherishes her free time spent with her loving family and her boyfriend. This blend of personal and professional fulfillment is a reflection of her passion for both her work and her relationships, which she holds dear.