Expansion of our business office and reception area!

We are excited to announce the expansion of our Business office and Reception area! 

If you have been in for a recent appointment, you probably noticed that our office is a little dustier and louder than normal…(Don’t worry, the doctors don’t have access to any of the “heavy” equipment!)  We have partnered with the Cleary Company to bring a fresh new look and more space to our office and we just know that you will love the changes.  Not only will our patients have more space to relax in while waiting, the space will be brighter and more inviting.  We are adding a Business center with internet and charging stations and a new Beverage Bar. While we prefer that our patients NEVER wait for an appointment, if you do have to spend some time with us, it will be a much more pleasant space to do so!

Starting next week, the BIG changes will begin.  On February 16th, they will be removing the interior wall connecting us to the new space, so we will be temporarily without a waiting room.  Don’t worry though! Your ever friendly staff will be there to see you to your room and make sure you have everything you need for your appointment.  Please be on the lookout for signs directing you to check in areas. We will also be introducing our automated check in and patient update system, using our new I-pads to make the process both mobile and more efficient.

We can’t wait to share our new space with you and we thank you for your patience and understanding during this transitional time!